Basic Leather Crafting Online

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Want to start leather crafting but can't get to the studio? How about we bring the studio to you?

  • Our instructors will teach over a video conference wherein they can closely monitor your progress.
  • The basic tool kit will be sent to you.
  • Learn leather craft without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.

Basic Level 1

This is an entry level class designed for beginners with no prior experience with leather crafting. 

Meet your instructors

Patty Santos

Migo Morales


  1. Key fob
  2. Cord organizer
  3. Card wallet
  4. Hand-stitched leather pouch

Topics and Techniques

  1. Understanding leather
  2. An introduction to basic tools
  3. Setting hardware
    1. Rivets
    2. Button snaps
  4. Rounding off corners
  5. Saddle stitching
  6. Bonus
    1. Demo on additional techniques 
      1. Burnishing 
      2. Tooling
    2. Talk on resources (where to get your leather and materials)
    3. Q&A - Consult with your instructor on how to create certain projects you have in mind.


Soul Flower will provide all materials that will be used in this online workshop. Click here to view the kit. 


3.5 - 4 hours


To make the most out of the class, make sure that you have the following:

  • Stable internet connection (stay close to your router for stronger connection)
  • Device that has a camera and microphone (i.e., smartphone, table, laptop)
  • Sturdy table that can take a lot of hammering.
  • Workspace wherein you can make considerable noise.