Basic Leather Crafting Online: What's in the Tool Kit?

With Basic Leather Crafting Online, you can learn and get creative with leather in the safety of your home. All kits will be delivered straight to your door, now packed with more content!


Each kit will include:

  • Cutting materials:
1 - A4 cutting mat; flat grid surface used to cut leather against
2 - 30cm metal ruler
3 - Box cutter; basic tool for cutting leather
    • Marking on leather:
    4 - Silver pen; used to mark areas for punching or cutting
    5 - Leather Cleaner; cleans silver pen marks and small blemishes on leather
    6 - Rag; cloth used to wipe away silver pen marks
      • Punching Holes
      7 - 2mm hole puncher; used to puncture holes in leather for hand-stitching
      8 - Rubber cutting board; thick rubber block to punch holes or hammer against
      9 - Rubber Mallet; hammer with a rubber or nylon thread to protect tool ends from damage
        • Setters and hardware:
        10 - Rivets (2 sizes); securely fixes leather pieces together or to other materials
        11 - Rivets setter; hardware used to set rivets in place
        12 - Button snaps; snap-on buttons to connect to sides of leather together
        13 - Button snap setters; hardware used to set button snaps in place
        14 -Key rings; metal ring used for hooking leather items onto bags
          • Stitching:
          15 - Thread; leather crafting thread, often coated in bees wax to prevent fraying
          16 - 2 pcs embroidery needles, size 22-24; needles used for handstitching
          17 - Thread snips; shears dedicated for cutting thread
            • Others:
            18 - 1 size A4 leather
            19 - Plastic card sleeves; plastic pockets for credit cards or IDs
            20 - Patterns; fabricated template of predesigned leather items
                • Cord organizer
                • Card wallet
            21 - Leather swatches; samples of different leather types so students can better understand the varied qualities of leather

              Classes will be held on a live video conference via Zoom, so instructors can stay hands on with the needs of their students. For any other inquiries, don't hesitate to email us at