Our Instructors


Pat Peralta is co-founder, designer, and maker at Soul Flower Co. She started working with leather in 2012, and two years after, conducted her first leather crafting workshop through CraftMNL. Since then, she has had over 500 students. Resolved to improve on her craft, she received further training in bag construction at the University of Arts, London. She now shares her know-how through Soul Flower workshops, and as an instructor for bag construction at the SoFA Design Institute.


Patty Santos is owner, designer, and crafter at Kuwit. She had her start at leather crafting in 2015 at one of Soul Flower’s workshops. Since then, she has displayed fine craftsmanship in making leather bags, mostly out of veg-tanned leather.

Tal de Guzman is the founder and main designer of Risqué. She graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Art Management, but later on took additional courses in Fashion Design from the School of Fashion and the Arts, and Entrepreneurship from The One School.


Janina Arias is co-owner, resident metal smith and metal smithing instructor at Soul Flower, Co. and Studio 925. She is a fifth-generation jeweler who developed most of her knowledge of the jewelry industry through first-hand experience - from running the family-owned gallery of antique jewelry and reproductions since high school, to finally training professionally as a metal smith abroad in early 2014. A year after finishing her training, she started conducting various classes on metal smithing and has had over 300 students since then.

Mai Evangelista is owner and metalsmith at Fake Alchemy, and is currently a silversmithing apprentice at Studio 925. She had her start at metal etching in one of Soul Flower Co.’s workshops in 2016. Since then, she has displayed fine craftsmanship in making brass jewelry with etchings of her original illustrations.


AJ Pangilinan is a professional brand strategist and owner of Sunday Paper Co. Get to know her brand at sundaypaperco.com and see careful curation at work.

Gladys Jose is a Financial Literacy Advocate, conducting various classes on financial planning at CraftMNL. She’s a Forex and stocks trader, and she happens to be an awesome macrame artist at Rope Republic as well! Who says math and art don’t mix well?