Bag Making Online: Sling

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The sling bag is a good entryway to handcrafting leather bags. Learn how to create and manipulate the T-shape pattern, and assemble the bag all in one sitting. 


  • October 25 (Sunday) 10 AM - 5PM 

Intermediate Level

Student must have prior leather crafting experience before taking this class. If you’re new to leather craft, try our entry level Basic Leather Crafting Workshop.

Meet your Instructor/s

Pat Peralta

Migo Morales


1 leather sling bag with adjustable strap

Topics and Techniques

  1. Spec sheet overview
  2. Pattern making basics
  3. Creating and manipulating the T-shape pattern
  4. Bag construction
  5. Attaching a magnetic lock
  6. Attaching the adjuster on the strap


  • The basic fee covers the tools and materials that will be used for this particular class.   
  • The following tools are also necessary for the class:
    • A2 cutting mat or bigger
    • 60cm metal ruler or longer
    • BLC kit
    • Lighter
  • The A2 cutting mat and 60cm ruler are available as an add-on.


6-7 hours (with 1 hour lunch break)


To make the most out of the class, make sure that you have the following: 

  • Stable internet connection (stay close to your router for stronger connection)
  • Device that has a camera and mic (i.e., smart phone, tablet, laptop)
  • Sturdy table that can take a lot of hammering, at least 2 x 4 ft in size
  • Work space wherein you can make considerable noise for the duration of the class.