Full Basic Course

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Register for the complete basic course to get not only a better rate, but also to gain good momentum on your practice. By the end of this four-day course, students will have a firm grasp of single-piece pattern making for bags, as well as fundamental leather crafting techniques. 

  • Day 1: Basic Leather Crafting (Level 1) This lays the foundation for leatherwork with a lecture on the different types of leather, as well as hands-on instruction on basic leather crafting techniques. You get to make four projects along the way - a keyfob, cord organizer, card wallet, and a pouch.
  • Day 2: Sling Bag Making (Level 2) Apply the basic techniques from Day 1 to a larger and slightly more complex project. Learn how to make an I-shape pattern, and build your own sling bag.
  • Day 3: Tote Bag Making (Level 2) This class focuses on another type of single-piece pattern - the T-base. 
  • Day 4: Dopp Kit (Level 3) The final project is an introduction to using zippers and diamond chisels. 


  • Day 1: Mar 9 (SAT) 1PM to 5PM
  • Day 2: Mar 16 (SAT) 9AM to 5PM
  • Day 3: Mar 17 (SUN) 9AM to 5PM
  • Day 4: Mar 23 (SAT) 9AM to 5PM

    Meet your Instructor/s:

    Patty Santos/ Migo Morales

      Private Sessions: There is an additional PhP 500 fee per day for one-on-one sessions. This fee, however, is waived for private sessions with at least two (2) participants. Contact us so we can match your availability with an instructor. 

      **You may secure a slot with a 25% downpayment, and the balance can be paid on or before the last day of the workshop.