Mules-making Workshop

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This class is a Level 2 workshop for those who are interested to learn how to make their own shoes. The students will be able to make a pair of open-back mules in their own size and chosen leather materials.

About the Instructor

Tal de Guzman is the founder of and designer at Risque Designs. She is also an instructor at the SoFA Design Institute.

Pre-requisite: Crafting leather sandals and/or Basic Leather Crafting Workshop

Project: One (1) pair of flat leather mules

Topics and Techniques:
1. Refresher on shoe production process
2. Demo for use of different machines / equipment
a. Die-cut clicking machine
b. Skiving machine
c. Scouring / sanding machine
d. Sewing machines
e. Tool for removing adhesives
f. Heat stamping machine
3. Basic pattern-making for mules
4. Upper preparation & upper making
a. Choosing of leather materials and lining
b. Tracing the pattern and cutting
c. Folding, gluing and sewing
5. Lower preparation & lower making
a. Insole preparation
b. Trimming of uppers
c. Lasting
d. Outsole preparation and attachment
e. Heel and top piece preparation and attachment
6. Finishing
a. Sock lining preparation and attachment
b. Quality control

All materials will be provided at the studio

Risque Designs Manufacturing (on Waze)
#25, E. Santos, Concepcion Uno, Marikina

9:00 am to 12nn 
Please bring lunch or money for lunch