Pattern Making for Bags

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Pattern making is a fundamental skill in bag making. In this short course, learn the different stages of pattern development. 

Meet Your Instructor: Pat Peralta


Oct 25 to 29 (Monday to Friday) 6pm to 8pm 

    Topics and Techniques:

    Day 1
    • Introduction to Pattern Making
    • Understanding and making a specification sheet
    • Seam types
    • Different pattern types
    Day 2
    • Single piece patterns
    • Duplicating the pattern
    • Cutting the master pattern, net pattern, cutting pattern
    Day 3
    • Multiple-piece patterns
    • Pattern making for curves
    • Paper mock-ups
    Day 4
    • Cont. with multiple-piece patterns
    • Pattern for student's design

    Day 5

    • Pattern making for lining and pockets


    Student must have the following materials:

    • at least 10 pieces of cartolina 115 gsm
    • masking tape
    • cutting mat
    • metal ruler
    • round tip awl
    • bone folder
    • cutter
    • pencil


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