Metal Etching

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Etching is a metalsmithing technique used in creating beautiful raised patterns on metal. This class welcomes beginners, as this also covers other basic metalsmithing and custom jewelry making techniques.


About the Instructor/s

Janina Arias is co-owner, resident metal smith and metal smithing instructor at Soul Flower, Co. and Studio 925. She is a fifth-generation jeweler who developed most of her knowledge of the jewelry industry through first-hand experience - from running the family-owned gallery of antique jewelry and reproductions since high school, to finally training professionally as a metal smith abroad in early 2014. A year after finishing her training, she started conducting various classes on metal smithing and has had over 300 students since then.

Mai Evangelista is owner and metalsmith at Fake Alchemy, and is currently a silversmithing apprentice at Studio 925. She had her start at metal etching in one of Soul Flower Co.’s workshops in 2016. Since then, she has displayed fine craftsmanship in making brass jewelry with etchings of her original illustrations.



  1. (1) bangle
  2. (1) pendant
  3. (1) pair of earrings
  4. (1) ring


Topics and Techniques

  1. Introduction to tools, materials and techniques
  2. Annealing
  3. Preparing the metals: cutting, filing and sanding
  4. Design transfer methods
  5. Metal etching process
  6. Drilling
  7. Shaping and refining



All materials will be provided at the studio.



Soul Flower, Co. 

2/F No. 22 Malingap St. Teacher’s Village Diliman, Quezon City