Bag Making Online: Sling

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The sling bag is a good entryway to handcrafting leather bags. Learn how to create and manipulate the T-shape pattern, and assemble the bag all in one sitting. 

  • Student must have prior leather crafting experience before taking this class. If you’re new to leather craft, try our entry level Basic Leather Crafting Workshop.
  • Students will be able to choose leather colors and hardware finish via email after checkout. 
  • If you're not available on the provided schedule, contact us for a private session. 


    Oct 9 (SAT) 9AM - 5PM

    Meet your Instructor/s:

    Patty Santos

    Migo Morales

    Project: 1 leather sling bag

    Topics and Techniques:

    1. Pattern making basics
    2. Creating and manipulating the T-shape pattern
    3. Bag construction


    • Kit inclusions are detailed HERE.
    • You may opt to include suede or top-grain leather in your kit. You can also use your own leather.
    • If you choose to use your own leather, better consult with the instructor if what you have is an appropriate leather type for this project. You may do so via email (
    • The following tools are also necessary for the class:
      • BLC kit
      • Lighter
      • Any round object that can be traced for the flap
    • It is also highly recommended that students use a bigger mat and ruler than those provided in BLC. The A2 cutting mat and 60cm ruler are available as an add-on.


    To make the most out of the class, make sure that you have the following: 

    • Stable internet connection (stay close to your router for stronger connection)
    • Device that has a camera and mic (i.e., smart phone, tablet, laptop)
    • Sturdy table that can take a lot of hammering, at least 2 x 4 ft in size
    • Work space wherein you can make considerable noise for the duration of the class.