Safety First

Rest assured, Soul Flower is taking precaution to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the studio:

  • Every classroom and work station is disinfected before and after each class. 
  • Alcohol and face masks will be provided in each classroom, and in the restroom as well. 
  • There will be temperature check at the entrance of the studio. 

We also need your help in ensuring safety within the studio:

  • All students must fill out a waiver declaring travel history and other relevant information after signing up for a class. 
  • Please understand that Soul Flower has the right to deny entry to any individual who hasn't completed the waiver. 
  • If feeling unwell, please contact us to regarding rescheduling your class. 

Whether in or out of the studio:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Refrain from touching your face without disinfecting your hands.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.