Dopp Kit Workshop: What's in the tool kit?

1 - Pull-up leather (34 x 34 cm) - This leather gets its name from the two-tone effect created when the leather is "pulled." To be more exact, pull-up leather gets lighter at areas where it folds or bends. 

2 - Dopp kit pattern - a paper template that will serve as a guide in working on leather

3 - 1mm hollow puncher - a tool that punches out 1mm holes on leather

4 - Waxed thread - thread that is ideal for saddle stitching leather

5 - Tapestry needles (2 pcs, size 23)  - needles with blunt ends

6 - Slider with built in puller (size 5) - functions to open and close the zipper's teeth

7 - Stoppers (2 pcs) - prevent the slider from hitting the leather edges 

8 - Zipper (brass teeth, size 5) - a type of closure that usually covers the entire length of the bag or pouch's opening

9 - Contact cement in reusable squeeze bottle - a type of adhesive that is used on leather

ADD - ONS (optional)

Ivan Multi-prong Puncher Set - allows for punching multiple holes at a time. This set comes in 3 types: 6-prong, 4-prong, and 2-prong. The prongs are 5mm apart, that punch out 1mm holes.

The 6-prong is the most efficient, punching 6 holes at one go. But as the puncher gets bigger, the more force it requires. So it pays to have a smaller one in the set - a 4-prong. Aside from being easier to use, it is also useful to have one for punching stitching holes along a wide curve (e.g. a round bag). The 2-prong, on the other hand, is necessary for much smaller curves such as rounded corners.