Bag Construction vs. Bag Making Workshops

Students frequently ask: Should I take Bag Making Workshops or Bag Construction?


Soul Flower’s Bag Making Workshops focus solely on handcrafting techniques. If you’re a hobbyist or an artist who wants to focus on the artistry of hand-stitching leather bags, then the bag making workshops are the perfect choice.


But if you’re looking into building a brand or an enterprise, and becoming a professional bag maker, then the Bag Construction classes will prepare you in entering the industry. After Bag Con, students must be able to execute and develop any bag design they desire.



Here’s a summary to help you decide which class is best suited for you:

Bag Making Workshops

Bag Construction

-          hand-stitching

-          all-leather

-          each workshop focuses on a particular pattern, and how to manipulate it

-          designs are already provided



-          training in the use of industrial machines

-          includes the use of other materials such as textiles

-          intensive training which includes HOW to make patterns for any bag design

-          students design their own bags